5 Unusual but wonderful ways to add colour in your interiors


The floors should be wood, tiles or carpet. The ceiling should be painted in white. Walls should be painted or wallpapered… This is the traditional interior design rules that most of us have followed when designing our homes.

However, although these are some of the most common ways to decorate interiors, they are most definitely not the only way of doing it!

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and are looking for the next unique way to decorate your home, we list a few ideas here for you. Explore how to use colour to make your interiors truly pop in a completely distinctive way that will not cost you much.


1. Painting architectural details

Pops of colour don’t need to be in your face to make an impact. Something like painting in a different colour the interior frame of your window, a door or even your staircase might be all you need to create a subtle yet impactful contrast in the room.


colours in interiors

Shinola Hotel. Image: Nicole Franzen


colour in interiors

Yellow window frame at the home of Joa Studholme. Image: Andreas Von Einsiedel


Image: Home & Garden Magazine



Door painted. colour in interiors

Photo: domino magazine

2. Paint your ceiling

If you have the luxury of a high ceiling, maybe you’d like to experiment with painting them in a different colour than the traditional white. Use colour to contrast your walls or even paint them the same colour. It will create a whole different feel in the room. If your ceilings are not as high but you’d still like to give this option a try, maybe think of using a lighter colour like a warm grey. This will give your space a unique look without making it feel smaller.

Interiors By Nicola Harding. Photo: Paul Massey


Image: Design Love Fest


3. Paint your flooring

Why stick to only walls and ceiling when it comes to painting your home? Take it further and add colour to your floorings as well. For offices or a more commercial space maybe even take it a little further and make a statement by painting floor, ceilings and walls altogether for a very dramatic effect!


colour in interiors

Photo: FantastikFrank


Photo: Yaroslav Priadka


Photography by apartment therapy


Amsterdam creative agency ACHTUNG! Photo: Bearandbunny


4. Colour blocking

Not ready to commit for a full wall? Try colour blocking only an area of your room instead. Check out some of the ways you can go about introducing solid colours into your space:


A mustard block of colour is carried through the wall and doorway of this space from Les Confettis.


Photo: Pinterest


colour in interiors

Photo © Lonny.


5. Decorative wall painting

When it comes to the use of colour in interiors, treat your walls as white canvas and get inspired. Why not transform a regular door frame into a chic, Morroco-inspired paint job? The sky is the limit here.


colour in interiors

Photo: One Kings Lane


Photo: @katepearcevintage


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