5 window treatment ideas

You may take them for granted, but your home would look a lot different without windows. Not only are windows the way to look out at the world around you, but they are a key focal point of any room (inside and out).

When you think of it in this way, it makes sense that you will want to make sure that your window is presented in the best way possible. It can be hard to think outside of just plain old curtains, so to help you to make the most of your windows, we have put together five different window treatment ideas for you to try out yourself at home.


1. Choose clashing curtains

While curtains are mainly functional, they can also be decorative, especially if you choose curtain prints, patterns, or colours that contrast against the other colours in your room. It might seem like a strange idea, but having clashing curtains is a definite way to bring some interest to your room and to have a space to be proud of.

5 window treatment ideas Speaking of Interiors

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2. Pick patterned blinds

When you think of patterns, you are usually going to think about curtains over blinds. However, just as curtains can come in various prints, so do blinds too. Blinds are great to look at, but they are also effective at blocking out the light from outside and keeping your room feeling warm, cosy and inviting.

5 window treatment ideas Speaking of Interiors

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3. Install statement windows

As well as dressing your windows in a way that brightens up your space, another way that you can make the most of them is to install statement windows in the first place. The style of statement windows that you can have depends on the size and placement of your windows, but the idea is that they should be bold and modern in their design.

This works particularly well if you install patio door windows or windows from the ceiling to the floor.


4. Pick plain and pale

If you have decided on a darker colour for your walls, then you may want to choose a paler and plainer blind or curtain to sit against it. This adds contrast, but it also won’t remove the richness of the colour you have painted the walls already.

5 window treatment ideas Speaking of Interiors

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5. Combine shutters and curtains

Not sure whether you want shutters or curtains for your windows? If you simply can’t choose or enjoy the best of both worlds, then it might be worthwhile to know that you can have both. Just because you have shutters, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have curtains.

You can choose a more muted shutter colour and then spruce up the rest of the window space with a brighter coloured or patterned curtain.

5 window treatment ideas Speaking of Interiors


As you can see, windows can be so much more than just a place you stare out of when you want to see the outside world. They can be a decorative and stylish place in your home and ensure that as much light comes in.

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