Top Interior Design Trends in 2021.


The Covid-19 pandemic has marked a before and after in our lives. The way we see and feel our interiors has changed as our homes have gone from being only a ‘part’ of our lives to become our office, gym and pub, all at once. Counting commuting time, working at the office, going out for dinner and social activities – many of us weren’t actually in our houses or flats as much.

This past year it’s been obvious how our home’s role has now changed. As we adjust the way we live, we’re also adjusting the spaces we live in. So makes sense that one word dominated above all in the interior design world as a trend for 2021: comfort. “Comfort, practicality, and making your home your sanctuary on every level,” says Martyn Lawrence Bullard. “Comfort in all forms is becoming more paramount,” says Timothy Corrigan. “Comfort over concept,” says Roman and Williams co-founder Robin Standefer. “The importance of comfort, wellness, and sustainability will continue to be a priority,” says Sheila Bridges.

Think warm colour schemes, soft sink-into furniture, chestnut woods, overflowing bookshelves. Stepping away from mass-produced furniture, the focus is more towards second hand furniture, passed-down family pieces or restored pieces that you already own. Accessorise with fluffy towels, lavish candles, and one or two local artisan pieces. It’s all about what makes you smile and feel cosy.


Home-offices are a big topic to continue this year.

As lockdown extends and many working spaces remain closed across the country, people are finding inspiration and investing in making their own ‘zoom-friendly spaces’.

Some previously hot trends are falling fast out of favour. According to Vogue, the decline of mid-century modern, once the design choice du jour, continues: “While the mid-century look was very popular, now that people are actually hanging out in their living spaces for hours at a time, there is a strong trend towards furniture that is big on soft, comfy sofas and chairs that allow you to lounge with ease,” says Timothy Corrigan. Whilst minimalism is predicted to be running with the same kind of luck, according to Robert McKinley “I think minimalism will begin to go by the wayside in 2021,” he says. “As we spend more time in our homes, we need more objects to hold our attention. All that empty space can be suffocating.” Oh, and perhaps back off the beige. “The all-beige catalogue look is out,” proclaims Ireland. “Be bold and decorate with conviction.”


2021 Trends according to top interior designers

Practical living is taking a step forward in interior design. “With everyone spending more time at home, there is a renewed emphasis on rooms that not only look good but can live up to increased use. Durability will continue to be more important and we will see a rise in using outdoor materials inside the home: there are so many great outdoor fabric options that allow you to make a mess and not worry about the clean-up, without having to sacrifice beauty.” -Timothy Corrigan, Timothy Corrigan Inc.

“Wallpaper and pattern play will continue to dominate rather than subtle, more monochromatic schemes.” -Sheila Bridges, Sheila Bridges Home


Top Interior Design Trends in 2021 Speaking of Interiors

We love the traditional look from Morris and Co’s Golden Lily wallpaper, £80 per roll.

“As we spend more time in our homes, we need more objects to hold our attention—all that empty space can be suffocating. I’m not advocating for clutter, however. I’d say that 2021 will be a year of attributing meaning to carefully selected pieces—the year of the craftsperson, the artist, the artisan.” -Robert McKinley, Studio McKinley.

Top Interior Design Trends in 2021 Speaking of Interiors

Marketplaces such as The London Artisan is a good space to find interesting artisanal pieces. This hand-painted ceramic vessel by Joely Clinkard, £71.50, has gotten our attention!


“Most of us used to just sleep and shower in our spaces, but now people are really investing more time, money and energy into decor details, bringing meaningful small goods and statement pieces into their homes. We’re paying attention to everything from what we’re drinking water out of, to the kind of bath towels we use.” -Harry Nuriev, Crosby Studios.


Top Interior Design Trends in 2021 Speaking of Interiors

If you’re looking for a sumptuously soft and fluffy towel, The white company’s Waffle Edge Spa Towels, from £6, are one of our favourites.


“We are loving warm cinnamon and marigolds. Those rich oranges, chestnuts, warm woods, bring some heat and spice to a room.” -Robin Standefer and Steven Alesch, Roman and Williams.


Top Interior Design Trends in 2021 Speaking of Interiors

We adored the marigold tones and the velvet fabric. Get ready to snuggle in this Squisharoo Sofa by, £1295.


“With people spending hours on Zoom calls, there has been an increase in popularity for table lamps that provide a soft glow on your face and counteracts the harshness of recessed overhead lighting that is found in so many homes today.” -Timothy Corrigan.


Top Interior Design Trends in 2021 Speaking of Interiors

We can’t get enough of this oversized table lamp by Kelly Wearstler. A matte white table lamp decorated with white bobbles, a large linen shade and antique brass fixings. Linden, crafted by the iconic designer Kelly Wearstler, adds unique character to a room in the shape of humour, texture and funky form. Available in two sizes. Linden table Lamp, Plaster White, £1,095.


Sustainability is a consideration in design that will remain important—2020 slowed us down and made us take stock of our consumption. Sustainable, durable brands will continue to grow in prominence, especially in the home space.” -Robert McKinley


Top Interior Design Trends in 2021 Speaking of Interiors

The production of Bamboo is sustainable as it thrives without any pesticides and also it is biodegradable and thus a very eco-friendly material. This 100% bamboo rug will look amazing in your home! Karma Nougat Brown by Woven, from £670.


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