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How to design with sophisticated neutrals

How to do interior design with sophisticated neutrals


Looking for tips for interior design with neutrals? When designers think about which colours to use in a home makeover, most of the time, it will be around bright colours and how they can liven up a space. However, this isn’t the only way that you can think about design.

Just as easy as you can make a room look stylish with brighter colours, you can also design with neutrals too.

Want to know more? Here is our guide on how to design with sophisticated neutrals.


Think about the materials you use

When you are designing with more neutral colours, you will need to find warmth in other places. Usually, in the materials that you use. Taupes and greys are great in kitchens, for example, especially when they are paired with rich metals and warm wooden tones.

Even better, because the overall look is relatively calm and neutral thanks to the colours that you have chosen. You can afford to mix and match materials. Such as using copper and brass in one space.

How to design with sophisticated neutrals Speaking of Interiors

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Create contrast

If you want to use neutrals in your home, but you don’t want them to be the only type of shades you use, then the good news is that you can create contrast by choosing other shades to bring into the mix.

For those who prefer white, black works really as a contrasting colour. Not only is it modern, but it is also quite dramatic too.

How to design with sophisticated neutrals Speaking of Interiors

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Mix and match neutrals

You may think that you are stuck with just one neutral tone when designing your home, but this Is not the case. Due to the fact that they work so well together, thanks to their “neutral” properties, you can bring several shades together.

The good thing about this is that you can have more than one shade in your space without looking too overwhelming.

How to design with sophisticated neutrals Speaking of Interiors

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Choose different finishes

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be many different finishes when it comes to painting, there is more than you may realise. Of course, the main two you can consider are matte or gloss. If you want to bring some contrast and interest to a neutrally painted room without choosing another colour, you could always choose different finishes.

The differences are relatively subtle, but they are still enough to make sure your room looks different. The same is also true for different shades of the same neutral colour.

How to design with sophisticated neutrals Speaking of Interiors

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Layer up

If you do like the idea of having colour with your neutrals, then layering up is a great idea for you to try out. Layering adds colour against the more muted background, but it also means that you can add a variety of different textures.

This is particularly useful in bedrooms, where you can add cushions and pillows in various colours.


How to design with sophisticated neutrals Speaking of Interiors

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As you can see, neutral tones can be stylish; you just need to make sure that you think about them carefully and work out how best you can use them in the space you have. You will have a home that you can be proud of in no time at all. Whether you choose bright colours or not.

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