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Modern Rome Apartment

Residential Interior Design

Our client was renovating his apartment in the heart of Rome and required a traditional interior decoration concept development for the living room and master bedroom. The property presented modern architectural finishes with brushed brass details and travertine flooring. They wanted to contrast the clean lines and hard finishes with an otherwise Italian classical interior — our challenge: to create a balanced space where antique seamlessly meets contemporary; and where heart, beauty and intend converge to reflect the client’s vision.

For this project, we worked out of the architect’s floorplans and 3D renders. All communications, presentations and meetings were done online.

For the living room, we proposed a colour palette of burnt oranges, shades of gold and olive greens that will perfectly marry and enhance the current architectural finishes, as well as the Mediterranean feel of Rome as a city. Mahogany finishes, luxurious silks and linens, a dash of fun plaster and rattan elements and interesting trims and fringes to decorate soft furnishings and add further layers of texture.

For the master bedroom, we suggested a spectrum of burgundy colours (and/or blue) and rich tones of brown come together to complement the master bedroom’s current architectural scheme. Elegant finishes such as black lacquer and mahogany exquisitely blend with woven leather and rich linens and bring to life an inspirational palette.

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