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Looking for inspiration? Investing in your property’s interiors should add both aesthetical and practical value to it. Read our interior design tips here and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with trends that give you all the do’s and don’t for interior design.

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Architects Vs Interior Designers

Do I need an architect or an interior designer for my home renovation project? Architects Vs Interior Designers - what's would be the better option for your project? When it comes to home design, the good news is that there are a variety of professionals out there who...

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Decorating tips to try at home (Part 3/3)

Decorating tips to try at home (part 3 of 3) Here is the final part of our decorating tips at home blog posts, with some more of our best tips ready for you to try out yourself. images via House&GardenEmbrace natural light No matter what colour, theme or style you...

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Decorating tips to try at home (Part 2/3)

Decorating tips to try at home (part 2 of 3) If you enjoyed part one of these decorating tips blogs, then the good news is that we have put together part two. We have lots more tips for you to think about and useful tricks that you can use to make decorating as easy...

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Decorating tips to try at home (Part 1/3)

Decorating tips to try at home (part 1 of 3) It can be slightly stressful thinking about decorating and what will work best in your home. Not only this, but the actual decorating process can be somewhat frustrating too. There are many things to think about and...

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Storage Ideas for small spaces

Clever storage ideas for small places Not everyone is blessed with lots of space in their home. It can be frustrating to have a smaller room than you like, but, over time, if the space ends up becoming cluttered and disorganised, it can end up looking even smaller...

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Accent walls: Do and Dont’s

Accent walls: Do and Dont's   The idea of an accent wall is not a new one. It was seen to be a staple of interior design trends during the 90s - and it has now had somewhat of a surge in interest. The point of an accent wall is that it is a wall that has more...

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Top 4 tips when buying garden furniture

Top tips when buying garden furniture   Summer is here, and we've got for you all the things you need to consider when buying garden furniture – if you want to get it right. You may not realise it, but it is essential to choose the right garden furniture for your...

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5 window treatment ideas

5 window treatment ideas You may take them for granted, but your home would look a lot different without windows. Not only are windows the way to look out at the world around you, but they are a key focal point of any room (inside and out). When you think of it in...

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