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15 tips to achieve autumn-inspired interiors

Autumn season began on September 1st. Creating interiors that capture the essence of the autumnal season involves incorporating warm colours, cosy textures, and natural elements.

Here are 15 tips to help you achieve that inviting and autumn-inspired atmosphere in your interiors:


15 tips to achieve autumn-inspired interiors Speaking of Interiors

Tip # 1 – Warm colour palette. Jaipur Pink 416 (walls) and Kasbah 352 (ceiling and skirting), colours revived from the Paint & Paper Library archive for 2022. Photo via

1. Warm Color Palette:

Opt for a warm color scheme with hues like deep oranges, rich browns, rustic reds, and golden yellows to evoke the feeling of fall.

2. Textured Fabrics:

Integrate cosy and textured fabrics like chunky knits, faux fur, and soft wool to add warmth and comfort to your space.

3. Natural Materials:

Use natural materials like wood, stone, and clay to bring your interiors an earthy and rustic feel.

15 tips to achieve autumn-inspired interiors Speaking of Interiors

Tip # 4 and 5 – Decorative foliage and candles! Even if you aren’t visually ready for twinkling lights, letting the holiday spirit waft through your home isn’t ever a bad idea.  Photo via

 4. Fall Foliage:

Incorporate dried leaves, branches, and fall flowers as decorative elements to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

5. Candles and Lighting:

Use candles and warm lighting to create a soft and inviting ambience that mirrors the cosy glow of autumn evenings.

6. Throw Blankets and Pillows:

Layer your furniture with plush throw blankets and decorative pillows in autumnal colours and patterns for added comfort.

15 tips to achieve autumn-inspired interiors Speaking of Interiors

Tip # 7 – Here’s an idea for an autumn-inspired interior for your bedroom.  Photo via Pinterest.

 7. Seasonal Art and Decor:

Hang autumn-inspired artwork or decorate with items like pumpkins, gourds, and acorns to infuse a touch of the season into your space.

8. Rustic Elements:

Incorporate rustic elements like wooden crates, vintage furniture, and distressed finishes to enhance the cosy and nostalgic vibe.

9. Autumn Scents:

Use scented candles, essential oils, or potpourri with fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla, and apple to evoke the scents of fall.

15 tips to achieve autumn-inspired interiors Speaking of Interiors

Tip # 12 – Cosy Reading nook. Cuddle up with your favourite book.  Photo via

10. Layered Rugs:

Lay down layered rugs with warm tones and textures to add visual interest and create a soft surface underfoot.

11. Seasonal Table Settings:

Set your dining table with autumn-themed tableware, such as richly coloured plates, rustic centrepieces, and elegant fall-themed napkins.

12. Cozy Reading Nook:

Create a cosy reading nook with a comfortable armchair, soft blanket, a side table for books and a warm drink.

15 tips to achieve autumn-inspired interiors Speaking of Interiors

Tip # 13 – Warm Window Treatments.  If your windows feature stained glass details, all the more reason to draw attention to them with a seat and dramatic drapes as Fiona Lynch Studio did here. Add bright accent pillows and throw open the curtains to invite people to enjoy this special spot, or pull them closed to keep it all to yourself.  Photo via Pinterest.

13. Warm Window Treatments:

Swap out lightweight curtains for heavier ones in warm tones or autumn patterns to add a sense of cosiness.

14. Fall-Inspired Wallpapers or Murals:

Consider using wallpapers or murals with autumn motifs, such as falling leaves or forest scenes, to transform your walls.

15. Personal Touches:

Infuse your own personal style by incorporating cherished autumn memories, DIY crafts, or family heirlooms into your decor.

Whilst these tips are a great way to make sure that your home looks just the way you want it, in no time at all, you can also speak to an expert to ask for their advice and guidance on what things to do.

Here at Speaking of Interiors, we can help you to have the house of your dreams. So, why not get in touch with us and learn more about how we can help you to love your home, inside and out?

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